Yoga For Senior Health & Fitness In Abu Dhabi

Yoga For Senior Health & Fitness In Abu Dhabi

Yoga For Seniors – Everyday Fitness For Body & Mind

You don’t need to be young or super flexible to enjoy the benefits of Yoga. In fact more and more seniors in Abu Dhabi are looking to Yoga as a daily practice to help then deal with age related issues like joint pains, lack of flexibility and difficulty in moving in general.

For Any Age Yoga Can Be A Gentle Form Of Exercise

Elderly and senior fitness is a specialised area. If you feel you would benefit from 1-2-1 or group Yoga sessions in Abu Dhabi you can find fully qualified professional on the Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website.

So how does Yoga benefit the elderly? Read on for further information and some useful tips.

Practising Yoga from a young age can provide numerous health benefits, both for the mind and the body but it’s never too late to start. Because many forms of Yoga are gentle, smooth movements they provide a gentle, non-impacting form of exercise. Yoga helps to keep the joints supple which can help with increased flexibility. A variety of muscle groups are used for each Yoga pose (posture) which gently stretches and exercises them, increasing blood flow without the tension usually associated with other forms of exercise and training. Yoga for seniors in Abu Dhabi is not just great for the body, it also helps with mental agility, reduces stress and provides an overall sense of calm and well-being. If you spend much of your day seated, muscle stiffness and general aches and pains soon take place as you get older – addressing these issues is never too late.

Some of the many benefits of Yoga for the elderly include:

  • Increased Mobility
  • Increased Stability
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Focus
  • Better Sleep Patterns
  • Cardio Health Improvements
  • Improved Mood & Reduced Stress
  • Improved Mental Recall

What Yoga Is Right For Seniors In Abu Dhabi?

Yoga types can often be confusing – so many names and styles. Generally Hatha Yoga is the most popular type of Yoga but there are many more. Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga to name just a few. Within these Yoga groups you have Yoga Postures – also referred to as ‘Asanas’

A Yoga Trainer or Yoga Teacher in Abu Dhabi will be able to tell you exactly what style would be best for seniors but listed below you can find a run-down some of the more popular styles.

Hatha Yoga –

Hatha Yoga is probably the most popular style of Yoga. It includes a wide variety of poses and breathing exercises designed to help all areas of the body and mind. Many of the Hatha Yoga poses can be adapted for seniors. Hatha Yoga is slow and gentle and ideal for beginners.

Ashtanga Yoga –

Ashtanga Yoga is more fast paced than Hatha Yoga and may not be suitable for all seniors. Poses are usually done in series, one after the other while still focusing on breathing and timing.

Kundalini Yoga –

Kundalini Yoga includes repeated movement combined with breathing techniques, chanting and meditation. Poses are synchronised with breathing and Kundalini Yoga is designed to work with the chakras of the body.

What yoga poses are most suitable for Seniors in Abu Dhabi?

Yoga is an adaptable fitness technique with many different forms that be performed standing, seated or even lying down. This means Yoga poses can be performed depending on the personal level of fitness or agility.  It’s also best to start of gently, warm up before you practice yoga and only move on to advanced poses when you feel you are ready – trust your body, if a particular posture doesn’t feel comfortable try and new one and only move on to advanced ones when you know you are ready.

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