Warming Up Before Exercise – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Warming Up Before Exercise – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Warming Up – It’s More Important Than You Might Think

For many of us who aren’t active for extended period warming up before exercising is not something that should be considered optional. It should be something you do every time before your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi.

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Warming up before exercising – don’t skip it because it’s important

Warming up before exercising should be an integral part of your exercise regime. It’s not something you should just do occasionally but something you should do every time.

There are many ways to warm up. Some are total body warm ups whereas others are designed for warming up different muscles prior to working out those muscles.

A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can advise you on the best pre-workout warm up routines – you can then easily fit these into your workout schedule.

Why Is Warming Up Important Before Exercising In Abu Dhabi?

Exercise can be stressful on the body, even gentle forms of exercise are working out muscles that you might not necessarily use all the time – especially if you spend much of your day seated at work etc. Warming these muscles up with different gentle exercises help to reduce muscle stress and strain and also ensures you don’t suffer from injury during your workout.

Warming up and stretching can also help you perform better during your workout. If your muscles are properly prepared for your training session they will work more without feeling the muscle burn so soon.

What Types Of Warm Up Exercises Work Best?

There are many different ways you can prepare your body for your exercise session. For most people a general all over warm up/stretching routine works well. Rotations, star jumps, gentle chest expansions, leg stretches and more all work well. However, if you are training on a particular area of your body for a single session (your arms for example) then you need to ensure you pay special attention to giving that area a good warm up workout.

Gentle Yoga poses are also a good way to get some stretching into your warm up routine but even with yoga you still need to do some warm-ups to get the blood pumping through your muscles.

Remember – warm up exercises shouldn’t be optional, they should always be the starting point of your workout.

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