Training Tips: Core Strength For Kickboxing In Abu Dhabi

Training Tips: Core Strength For Kickboxing In Abu Dhabi

Kickboxing – A Great All-Round Fitness Tool

Fast paced and energetic, kickboxing as a fitness method is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape in Abu Dhabi. If you already kickbox then improving your core and your strength can improve your kickboxing skills.

In this article we asked a professional kickboxing trainer from Abu Dhabi what his thoughts are about improving core strength and conditioning for kickboxing.

  • Kickboxing in Abu Dhabi is becoming more and more popular as a fitness tool for both men and women. Do core workouts help improve kickboxing techniques?

    Core workouts essentially can improve the efficiency of kickboxing techniques in terms of force transfer and keeping good form. By themselves, they do not improve the technique. One still has to practice techniques themselves often to improve.

  • As well as core exercise to improve kickboxing techniques does the same help in reverse – in other words is kickboxing a good way to work on the core?

    In reverse it actually works better in comparison. Good kickboxing techniques require one to fully utilize the core to transfer force and do it accurately with power.

  • When we talk about ‘core’ exercises and training many people just think about ‘abs’ but what other muscles do core workouts improve?

    Working out your core muscles with abu dhabi personal trainers


    Core is a group of trunk surrounding muscles that stabilizes the hips and mid-line/trunk therefore protecting the spine by properly transferring the force through the body.

    Core is combined of: glutes, hip flexors, spinae erectors (lower back), quadratus lumborum & multifudus, obliques, abs(rectus & transverse abdominis).

    They can be trained independently and should be trained together as well.

  • As a kickboxing personal trainer in Abu Dhabi what are your favourite core workouts and how do you think they help?

    Few of my favorites would be:


    Strict toes to bar & around the worlds

    Ab rolls


    Side planks

    Kettlebell March in place


    They all combine more than one muscle group to work together and demand some coordination. If you treat your body as a smart tool, it will perform as a smart tool. Efficiency is key.

  • For people in Abu Dhabi who want to try kickboxing how much time do you think they should spend on developing their core?

    This does depend on an individual. Background, lifestyle, current physical level and so on.

    Some core can always be added after the main workout or on off days. But beginners should focus on developing kickboxing skills and techniques more.


Article Submitted By: Jure –  Abu Dhabi Personal Fitness Trainer

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