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Sports PT & Swimming Coach in Abu Dhabi – Stefan
Personal Trainer Type : Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers
Trainer Gender : Male
Session Price (From) : 10 session block price on request
Group Price (From) : 10 session block price on request
PT Since : 2016
Where Can You Train : At Home in Abu Dhabi, Your Gym, Vogue Fitness Gym
Languages Spoken : English
About About Dhabi Fitness & Swim Coach Stefan:

Stefan is an Abu Dhabi based person trainer and swimming fitness coach. He has vast experience in many different areas of personal and group fitness in the gym and in the swimming pool. As a fitness expert Stefan listens to, and understands his clients needs, creating personalised fitness, exercise needs and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt your body, get stronger or feel you could do with being healthier in general. Stefan knows what it takes to help you get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Stefan’s personal training methods and style are suitable for all ages and abilities – from those with little or no exercise experience to those who need to push themselves harder to achieve their goals.

Stefan's Coaching Experience & Fitness Qualifications:

Stefan is a South African Level 3 Fitness Trainer and swimming coach based in Abu Dhabi – UAE. He has always had an interest and passion in physical activity; playing representative rugby, mid-handicap golfer and lifting weights in the gym. He has been working in the fitness industry since 2012, where he gained experience being part of the Blue Bulls Rugby Unions strength and conditioning program, and has taken up an interest in swimming where he became a swimming trainer. He is very versatile in his personal training and coaching experience due to working with a variety of clients from different backgrounds and age groups.

Stefan helps others improve their lifestyle and quality of life through physical activity. Personal training styles can differ from client to client based on what the client needs and expects to gain from their training sessions. He provides a friendly and fun style of training but is firm when needed to make sure you hit the goals you have set yourself.


Stefan’s Health & Fitness Certifications:

  • ETA Sports Conditioning Diploma
  • ETA Coaching Science Diploma
  • ASA Swimming Teacher
  • WR Level 2 Rugby Coaching
  • Sports Massage


Stefan’s Personal Training Experience:

Stefan can Provide a wide range of exercise plans using different training techniques. He’s specialist are Sport Specific Training, fitness and group training in a variety of sports.

  • Personal Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Swimming For All Ages
  • Transformation Training
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Endurance
  • Sports Specific Fitness Coaching in Abu Dhabi


How Can Stefan Help You:

Stefan listens to, and understands his clients needs, creating personalised fitness, exercise needs and goals.

Stefan’s personal training methods and style are suitable for all ages and abilities in Abu Dhabi using different training methods and equipment to reach your goals and to keep the sessions interesting.

Contact Stefan:

Fitness Coaching Skills:
Fat Loss & Body Sculpting
Personal Sports Fitness
Cardio & Endurance Training
Body Toning & Strength
Children's Fitness In Abu Dhabi
Muscle Building & Strength
Learn To Swim & Swim Fitness
Recovery & Rehabilitation
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Personal Training Questions

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website helps you connect with male and female personal trainers and fitness professionals in your area of Abu Dhabi. Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions about personal training services. If you need further advice please contact the trainer by using the contact form on their main profile page.

How Many Personal Training Sessions Will I Need?

Because everyone has a different reason for using a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi it’s difficult to say how many sessions you will need. You can of course discuss this with Stefan.

Can I Train At Home In Abu Dhabi?

Being a mobile fitness personal coach in Abu Dhabi allows Stefan to come to you for your PT sessions. You can train at home, in your gym or even outdoors.

Do I Need My Own Exercise Equipment & Kit At Home?

No, you don’t need any exercise equipment at home for your PT sessions. Stefan will provide all the training equipment required on the day.

Is It Cheaper To Train With A Group Or Partner?

Yes – it can often be more cost-effective to train with a partner or a group. Contact Stefan for current group personal training prices in Abu Dhabi.

Can You Provide Diet & Nutrition Advice?

Yes, as a professional PT and swim coach in Abu Dhabi Stefan can provide diet and nutrition advice to accompany your personalised workout plans.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Train?

There are no set numbers when it comes to how many times per week you should exercise or train in Abu Dhabi.
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  • August 24, 2018 at 11:10 am

    I had tried many times to commit to getting fit and healthy over the years and it never worked. The “miracle” had many other positive medically measured results. And there really was a single thing that made it all happen. I had a four year old daughter and had got to the point where I would get so exhausted trying to run around and play with her that I felt I was failing to be a good father. I had also been diagnosed as: 1) being “pre-diabetic” 2) too much of the wrong kind of cholesterol and was prescribed a “statin” drug for life 3) hormonal balances completely out of whack with a raised prolactin and low testosterone 4) heel pain 5) knee joint pain 6) raised heart rate that never went below 82 beats per minute All these conditions are now gone even though I had consulted with the best medical professionals for years with no effect. The change came in the form of meeting Stefan Pantelic- an elite physical trainer who created a disciplined program of diet and gym workouts tailored to the exact needs of my body and my objectives. Its clearly better to remove the root cause of ill health than the usual approach of waiting for something to go wrong and finding a doctor to deal with the symptoms. I thought my doctors would have been delighted at my progress- oddly enough they seemed a bit disappointed…

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