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Pre & Post Natal Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi – Fiona Darby
Personal Trainer Type : Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers
Trainer Gender : Female
Session Price (From) : 275 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 85 (AED)
PT Since : 2012
Where Can You Train : Your Home, Your Gym, Outdoors
Languages Spoken : English
Abu Dhabi Pre & Post Natal Training Specialist Fiona Darby:

If you are looking for a pre or post natal personal trainer in Abu Dhabi Fiona is a great choice because she is mobile which means you can take your personal training and fitness coaching sessions in the comfort of your own home.

As well as being a qualified pre and post natal female trainer Fiona is also qualified to provide training services for many other fitness needs including weight loss, body toning, general fitness, female fitness and more. Fiona understands that exercise during pregnancy (pre natal) can greatly benefit your post pregnancy recovery and can also make delivery easier. Post pregnancy (post natal) personal training can be provided to help you get back to your target weight and fitness.

Fiona focuses on results and believes that with a positive mind-set you can achieve all of your personal fitness and lifestyle goals. She will monitor your progress and provide constant feedback on how you doing and what you can do to improve your fitness levels.

Fiona's Coaching Experience & Fitness Qualifications:

With many years of Personal training experience in the UAE Fiona has a profound criteria to assure you are receiving a quality service.


Fiona’s Health & Fitness Certifications:

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Program Design and Delivery
  • First Aid Certified


Fiona’s  Fitness Coaching Experience:

Female PT Fiona specializes in Pre and Post-Natal training through a safe and positive delivery. She is a natural people person motivating and encouraging clients through a default positive-energy setting. Weight loss and toning are particular skills of Fiona’s. And understanding the specific goals of her individual clients is key to the results she achieves for clients.

Fiona is available for individual or group training and exercise sessions. Why not train with a friend in Abu Dhabi and make it even more fun! Challenge yourself make yourself proud: Fiona is a strong believer in what you put in, is what you get out and she is here to guide you.

  • Fat Loss
  • Pre Natal Exercise Advice
  • Post Natal Workout Programs
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Weight Loss After Pregnancy
  • Body Toning
How Can Fiona Help You:

A driven and skilled Personal Trainer, Fiona has a strong conviction in the power of a positive, active lifestyle on overall health and wellbeing. She took the decision to fully pursue her passion for personal training after ten years of a senior corporate communications career.

Fiona is well known for motivating her clients in Abu Dhabi through a natural enthusiasm combined with innovative, functional training programs. Her time in the corporate world has equipped her with the skills to develop positive relationships with a wide range of client backgrounds from expectant and new mothers to corporate leaders.

Contact Fiona:

Fitness Coaching Skills:
Pre Natal Exercise Advice in Abu Dhabi
Post Natal Personal Training
Weight Loss Post Pregnancy
Body Toning & Muscle Strength
Core Conditioning Workouts
At Home General Fitness
Eating Well During Pregnancy in Abu Dhabi
Improved Flexibility For Pregnant Women
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Personal Training Questions

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website helps you connect with male and female personal trainers and fitness professionals in your area of Abu Dhabi. Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions about personal training services. If you need further advice please contact the trainer by using the contact form on their main profile page.

How Many Personal Training Sessions Will I Need?

This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on you training goals. There is no set number of personal training sessions that you might need so please contact Fiona for advice.

Can I Train At Home In Abu Dhabi?

Yes. Fiona is a specialist pre and post natal personal trainer in Abu Dhabi and can come to you for your PT sessions. You can train at your home, your building gym or another location of your choice.

Do I Need My Own Exercise Equipment & Kit At Home?

No. Fiona will attend each PT session with the required equipment. Of course you can also use your own exercise equipment at home or your building gym if you would prefer.

Is It Cheaper To Train With A Group Or Partner?

Yes, group training with friends, family or colleagues does work out cheaper. Contact Fiona for further information and current pricing.

Can You Provide Diet & Nutrition Advice?

Yes. Diet and nutrition are probably the most important parts of a successful training regime. As such Fiona can provide specialist advice on making changes to your diet.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Train?

This is different for everyone because everyone has different reasons for training and also different schedules. Contact Fiona for further advice.
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