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Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer For Rapid Weight Loss & Nutrition – Chris
Personal Trainer Type : Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers
Trainer Gender : Male
Session Price (From) : 250 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 70 (AED)
PT Since : 2007
Where Can You Train : Your Home Gym, Outdoors, Building Gym
Languages Spoken : English
About Level 4 Personal Trainer Chris:

If you are desperate to lose weight in Abu Dhabi and have tried but failed on your own then you need a personal trainer like Chris by your side. He specialises in ‘Rapid’ weight loss. Losing weight quickly can be difficult and not the best option on your own but due to Chris’s status as a level 4 personal trainer and nutrition expert he has the experience and knowledge to ‘safely’ help you lose weight, gain confidence and change your physique.

As well as being a great choice for weight loss in Abu Dhabi skills has many other training skills thanks to his 10+ years in the fitness industry. If you are unhappy with the way you look or simply feel that adding some exercise and fitness to your daily life would help then Chris can create a tailor made exercise plan for you and your individual goals.

Chris also works with sports men and women, helping them to understand that nutrition and healthy eating can help them improve their fitness levels and their sports performance. He creates fitness, exercise and diet plans for golfers too and can advise on the best training methods to help prevent sports injuries.

Chris's Coaching Experience & Fitness Qualifications:

Chris is a 30 year old Level 4 Master Trainer from the UK who is now based in the UAE. As well as working from the Advantage Sports Gym in the Abu Dhabi Golf Club l Chris also looks after the Advantage Sports Fitness Team as their Head of Fitness. With a prior background in Professional Football and Financial Advising, Chris made the switch to Personal Training 7 years ago and has not looked back since. Chris joined the team in January 2017, after 6 years of running his own private gym in the UK.


Chris’s Health & Fitness Certifications:

  • Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Personal Training
  • Kinetic Chain Assessment Level 1
  • TPI Level 1 (Golf Performance enrolled)
  • Current Member of The Advanced Coaching Academy


Chris’s  Fitness Coaching Experience:

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Chris specialises in providing results. And his broad skill set allows him to accomplish this in many disciplines. His main training interests are Rapid Weight Loss, Physique Development, Injury Prevention and Golf Performance. Personal Training to Chris means far more than simply helping you ‘lose weight’, ‘tone up’ or build bigger biceps. Sure, he can help you achieve that quicker than you can believe (That’s the easy part!) But what is it that has stopped you from achieving this in the past? Or what has stopped you from holding onto those results in the past? Chris wants to dig deeper into things, to allow you to make permanent changes that stop Yo-Yo Dieting – Back Pain – Inconsistencies forever.

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Body Transformation
  • Training For Sports Fitness
  • Golf Performance Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Diet & Meal Planning
How Can Chris Help You:

Chris will focus the entire personal training workout session on ‘You’ the client. Training styles need to be adapted to suit the individual. Some will need intensely focused sessions, whereas a beginner may need someone to listen, coach and advise them more. Being adaptive and having a vastly broad skill set is essential as a Personal Trainer.

Whether you just feel you need to shed some weight for a healthier lifestyle or you want to become more familiar with why you have trouble maintaining a healthy weight Chris will listen to your needs and provide motivational support.

Contact Chris:

Fitness Coaching Skills:
Rapid & Safe Weight Loss
Diet & Meal Planning
Nutrition Advice For Families
Sports Fitness & Performance
Fitness & Nutrition For Golfers
Injury Prevention Training
Functional Training in Abu Dhabi
Children's Healthy Eating & Exercise
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Personal Training Questions

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website helps you connect with male and female personal trainers and fitness professionals in your area of Abu Dhabi. Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions about personal training services. If you need further advice please contact the trainer by using the contact form on their main profile page.

How Many Personal Training Sessions Will I Need?

When you have an initial consultation about your personal training requirements with Chris he can advice how many personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi you might need. Of course this is different for everyone and based on your fitness goals.

Can I Train At Home In Abu Dhabi?

Yes, of course. Chris is a mobile PT in Abu Dhabi and can come to you either at your home, your building gym or another location of your choice for your personal training sessions.

Do I Need My Own Exercise Equipment & Kit At Home?

Although it can sometimes be useful to have smaller items of fitness kit at home these are not required as part of your personal training plan. Chris will come to you fully equipped for the training/workout session.

Is It Cheaper To Train With A Group Or Partner?

Many people in Abu Dhabi prefer to train with a friend, partner or family member. Chris can provide discounts for group training. Contact Chris for current rates and availability using the contact form on his main profile page.

Can You Provide Diet & Nutrition Advice?

Chris is an expert when it comes to healthy eating and nutrition. He can provide a tailor-made diet and nutrition plan to accompany your personal training plan and can even help with menu planning for you and your family in Abu Dhabi.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Train?

This is different for everyone because everyone has different reasons for training and also different schedules. Contact Chris for further advice.
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