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Abu Dhabi Female Fitness Personal Trainer – Andrea Borges
Personal Trainer Type : Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers
Trainer Gender : Female
Session Price (From) : 200 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 70 (AED)
PT Since : 2001
Where Can You Train : Your Abu Dhabi Home, Your Gym, Advantage Sports Gym
Languages Spoken : English
About Personal Fitness Expert Andrea Borges:

Andrea is a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who is originally from Brazil. As a level 3 personal trainer Andrea can provide fitness classes and one to one personal training for clients in Abu Dhabi who have differing fitness and lifestyle goals. Her passion is for Boxercise and the many health, weight loss and general fitness benefits it provides. If you want to lose weight and eat better Andrea has the perfect plan for you.

Andrea specialises in body toning, weight loss and fat loss. She also likes to incorporate a healthy dose of functional training into her personal training plans to help you deal with every day tasks in a safe way. If you and your friends or colleagues in Abu Dhabi are looking for group fitness this can also be provided – fitness classes and tailored exercise sessions for small and large groups.

Andrea has experience gained from all over the world and likes to add new and exciting training and exercise techniques to her already extensive list of qualifications and experience.

Andrea's Coaching Experience & Fitness Qualifications:

With many years of Personal training experience in the UAE Andrea has a profound criteria to assure you are receiving a quality service.


Andrea’s Health & Fitness Certifications:

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Certified Boxercise Instructor
  • CPR First Aid/AED


Andrea’s  Fitness Coaching Experience:

Abu Dhabi PT Andrea specialties include weight loss and functional trainer, shape and muscle toning and she also has knowledge in weightlifting, strength and Boxercises. She thinks that everyone is an individual and will prepare for her clients individual plan for you specific goals and conditions. She believes that making the training totally personal has been your key to success. Each of her clients has a workout designed just for her, and that can change in an instant depending on what is going on in her life from day to day.

  • Boxercise
  • Building Muscle
  • Training For Sports Fitness
  • Muscle Toning
  • Weight & Fat Loss
  • Body Toning & Sculpting
How Can Andrea Help You:

Andrea is a “you can do it” type of Personal Trainer and will always to encourage you for one more Rep, Andrea will always be on your side showing how important is to take care of your body and mind. One of her goals as a Personal Trainer is to teach her clients in Abu Dhabi a healthy and happy lifestyle. Commitment and fun are always together and she will cheer you on the whole way! Also an honest two-way communication is very important in her relationship with the clients.

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Fitness Coaching Skills:
Boxercise Classes
Boxing For Fitness
Weight Loss Exercises
Sports Training Methods
Core Conditioning & Toning
Building Muscle & Strength
Functional Training in Abu Dhabi
Swimming For Fitness
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Personal Training Questions

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website helps you connect with male and female personal trainers and fitness professionals in your area of Abu Dhabi. Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions about personal training services. If you need further advice please contact the trainer by using the contact form on their main profile page.

How Many Personal Training Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone has a different goal and reason for using a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. With this in mind it’s difficult to say how many training sessions you will need in order to achieve your health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Please contact Andrea for advice and information.

Can I Train At Home In Abu Dhabi?

Yes, as a mobile female fitness specialist in Abu Dhabi Andrea can come to you for your training sessions. Whether you want to train at home, your gym or even outdoors Andrea can fit your training around your schedule.

Do I Need My Own Exercise Equipment & Kit At Home?

Although it can sometimes be useful to have smaller items of fitness kit at home these are not required as part of your personal training plan. Andrea will come to you fully equipped for the training/workout session.

Is It Cheaper To Train With A Group Or Partner?

If you would prefer to train with a friend this is ok and often can save you money on your personal training sessions. Contact Andrea for current group personal training prices in your area of Abu Dhabi.

Can You Provide Diet & Nutrition Advice?

If you need some advice and support when it comes to diet, nutrition and healthy eating then as a female PT in Abu Dhabi Andrea can provide this.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Train?

This is different for everyone because everyone has different reasons for training and also different schedules. Contact Andrea for further advice.
Personal Trainer Reviews
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  • September 23, 2018 at 9:05 am

    I’ve an amazing experience with Andrea, she makes workouts fun, I feel so good talking to her during the sessions, she’s knowledgeable and motivating. She is training me to be strong not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, I’ve learned so much and adapted an active lifestyle. thanks to her!!

  • September 10, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Andrea is a wonderful, motivational and, most importantly, knowledgeable personal trainer from Brazil. She is extremely passionate about fitness and this sets a positive “you can do it” vibe every time we meet. Each session is filled with the most effective exercises for me ensuring that each one is done correctly. She talks you through each exercise, what muscles are being used, and what to look forward to for future sessions. I never leave a session exhausted and sometimes wonder how the time passed by so quickly. She has great tips for what and when to eat as well as great recovery techniques post exercise. I managed to build muscles in areas that I didn’t even know existed :D. Every time I tell her that “this is getting easier” she responds with “no, you are just getting stronger”. She also provided me with exercises to do safely over the summer. I look forward to resuming my sessions with her in order to get stronger and healthier. If you are looking for a PT to help you transform your body, no matter what your current state is, then be sure to give Andrea a try.

  • August 28, 2018 at 8:13 am

    My experience with you has more than just routine exercises, I appreciate all your advises, especially the healthy food and how it affects the body and mind. I love the changes you make every week, your positive vibes, fun and energy. Even at days when I feel down or tired once you are in the room I start moving full of energy. My body is more toned and fit thanks to you. Keep up the amazing work💪🏻😘

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