Is Training Every In Abu Dhabi Day Good Or Bad?

Is Training Every In Abu Dhabi Day Good Or Bad?

Even if you can, is training every day in Abu Dhabi good or bad?

In Abu Dhabi many people new to fitness are eager to reach their personal fitness goals in as shorter time as possible and while this is normal some people can start to ‘over train’ We asked a professional female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for her thoughts on whether training every day is a good or bad idea.

  • Many people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi start using a personal trainer for a specific reason, for weight loss or muscle building for example. However, while some people lack motivation others can be overly motivated, especially when they start to see results. Do you think this can lead to someone over-training and if so should they take more rest days?

    There is nothing more motivating than seeing yourself transform into the best body that you’ve been dreaming of and it’s so exciting. “Oh wow! I’m seeing my muscles when I flex my biceps. I will do more bicep curls.” or “I have lost 1kg in just a week. Awesome! I will do more cardio exercise.” This is one of the thoughts that come to mind that propels others to be overly motivated.


    However, if adding more gym time and more calorie deduction with little to no recovery then it can lead to overtraining. I call this “The Fast and The Furious Approach”. Going too fast, too soon and too often will increase your stress hormone (cortisol) level up to the roof prolonging the breaking of muscles (catabolic state). Eventually, your body lose control and leave you feeling discouraged.


    Should you blame it to the exercise, intensity, volume and program?


    Well, the problem is not being able to balance training with recovery. Consistency is essential so is balance. If you don’t plan and prepare for rest and recovery your body will force it unto you.


    Recovery is as important as training. It’s when your body regenerates and rebuilds the muscle fibers (anabolic state). So, it’s okay to have a day or two of rest days. It does not mean sitting or sleeping the whole weekend.  You can go for a walk, going to the beach, meditate, foam rolling, mobility exercises, stretching, yoga, Pilates, getting a massage. I call this  “ The Warrior Rest.”

  • For the average person who is new to fitness does training every day pose health and injury risks?

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    Though it’s important for beginners to form a good exercise habit, it’s better that you gradually work up to exercising several days per week while you see how your body responds and until you feel that exercise has become an ingrained to you.


    It’s normal to feel pain and soreness after exercise (DOMS) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Everyone respond to it differently because we have different levels of pain threshold. Don’t worry! The protective mechanism of the body will make you stronger and adaptive.


    Having a planned active recovery is utmost important not only to allow you body to repair and rebuild but it prevents you from any health and injury risks.


    Make time for recovery or recovery will make time for you. It won’t be happy hours.

  • For a personal training client in Abu Dhabi who insists on training every day what advice would you provide about the pros and possible cons of doing so?


    As long as an effective physical activity is balanced with active recovery, workout with the right intensity and volume, recreational activity and fun can be sustainable.



    You would rapidly reach plateaus, as you are not giving your body the required time to recover. This will eventually lead you to experience injuries for not allowing muscle tissues, connective tissues and central nervous system to recuperate. You won’t feel as strong and fit as you expected to be. You won’t be able to build muscle and loss strength as an opposite effect because of poor performance. You’ll start to have a negative outlook towards training feeling fed up.

    Sometimes, less is more.

    Consistent, good effort over the long haul is much more sustainable than many cycles of “workout crash and burn”

    Your mind may be ready but your body doesn’t know just yet!

  • Personal Trainers and other fitness experts (sports etc) do tend to train every day in one form or another. Does this mean that as you get fitter your body is able to cope better with the demands of daily training?

    Your body can actually handle tremendous stress from training only if you recover fully and properly from that work. This includes periodized training program with proper progression and regressions. Good nutrition that improves performance, body composition and health. And most importantly, R & R time to have fun! Yes, over time you can handle more.

  • In your opinion as a personal fitness expert are there any situations when someone should definitely not train daily, i.e. pregnant women, the elderly, someone suffering from injury etc?

    The frequency of training depends on the goal. If the goal is general health, you are better off training alternate days. Especially if you are new to fitness. In the end, depends on individual lifestyle as well. Every day works if it has a mix of easy, medium, hard. Not just hard all the time.

    Treat your body as your temple with the healthy dose of common sense.

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Article Submitted By: Levie –  Abu Dhabi Female Personal Fitness Trainer

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