Fitness Tips: Correct Technique & Form

Fitness Tips: Correct Technique & Form

Training Technique & Correct Form – Why It’s Important

Many people are eager to start using that shiny new equipment in the gym or go on a 10 mile jog for the first time – rein in those horses for a minute though! Unless you know what you’re doing you could be at risk of injury. Using the correct technique and form is a critical part of the training process in Abu Dhabi and unless you hold back and learn first you might well put yourself off exercise for good. We asked a professional female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for her thoughts on why form and technique is so important.

  • As a fitness professional in Abu Dhabi can you summarise why exercising and training correctly is so important?

    We all know that regular exercise in the UAE has a ton of wonderful benefits – it lowers stress levels, helps weight management, gives you more energy, improves overall health— However, doing so improperly can lead to an opposite type of effect such as injury, muscle strain, inability to make progress, or lead to severe muscle fatigue if proper nutrition and rest are not added to the equation.

    Exercising and training correctly in a balanced, well thought out workout plan (preferably created by a professional personal trainer) is what keeps training safe and effective so that goals can be met and workouts are both efficient and effective 🙂

  • When we talk about training and exercising correctly two terms that are used are ‘Technique’ and ‘Form’ Can you explain what is meant by each and how these are important.



    Technique and good form work hand in hand at help to “ injury proof” a workout. I tell my personal training clients in Abu Dhabi all the time that good form is much more important than how much weight you can lift or how many reps you can do. If you are not performing an exercise with good form we increase the risk of injury dramatically.

    When talking about Form we must consider how to align the body correctly and move fluidly through a full range of motion of your targeted muscles. My clients laugh when I call myself “The Posture Police” but they understand and appreciate that I am simply looking out for their best
    interest when I correct or call attention to their form.

    Technique is the art of executing an exercise properly based on a system rooted in maximising results. Exercising with proper form and technique means to generally Exercise through a full range of motion, maintaining the right posture through the demand of energy on the body, with careful attention to the speed, tension, and muscle contraction. When all of these elements are considered, the body is happy, and progress is made.

  • What advice would you give to a personal training client who might be over-eager to just get on with it and dismiss any instructions or advice?

    Without training correctly, you’re not getting the most out of your workout time. Skipping a warm up, rushing through workouts, form overload, and over-training are all a recipe for disaster and can lead to some pretty serious consequences if not taken into consideration. We are all on a mission to achieve some pretty incredible goals, and I like to remind clients that the process is a marathon and not a race. To see long term, sustainable results we have to take the time to build a strong foundation that allows our body to perform optimally and injury free. As a Personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, I care greatly about the success of my clients and their safety, and their goals become my own. I have a genuine interest in helping my clients achieve optimum health and wellness and let them know the importance of all the factors effecting the outcome of their training so that we can reach the best results.

  • If someone doesn’t learn the right way to do an exercise or use an item of fitness equipment is there serious risk of injury?

    Exercise done improperly can cause an incredible amount of stress on the body. Due to the chronic stress it places on the body, the risks of training incorrectly are just as great as doing no exercise at all.

    The stress caused by improper training paired with other factors like a poor diet, and a lack of rest or sleep can all accumulate to serious bodily damage. These show up in the form of muscle strains, pain, hormone imbalances, the inability to recover fully, and lack of progress in the gym.

    Many people I’ve encountered have confessed to spending long hours at the gym training on their own with very little return on their investment of time and energy. Not choosing the right weight, repetition, set or exercises that don’t support your overall goals can all set you back and hinder your progress. This is where working with a qualified professional persona trainer in Abu Dhabi can shed some light on how to workout in a way that is effective, safe, and allows for measurable progress.

  • Does a professional personal trainer help to overcome these issues?

    male-fitness-coach-in-the-UAEPersonal trainers are knowledgeable on the diverse aspects that step up the effectiveness of your workout. Personal Trainers utilize many different tools and methods to help determine how much a muscle contracts during a specific movement, how much stress is placed on a joint during a movement, progressions and regressions that align with your bodies current state and use this information to build a workout that is effective and safe. This is the formula to a highly successful Exercise routine.

    I am a firm believer that your training should make you feel better and not worse.
    An effective workout plan focuses on proper muscle activation, with a warm up that sets the foundation for the session, and an exercise selection that will serve your body in a way that best suits your goals. love communicating with my clients about the factors that impact the effectiveness of their workouts and educating them on the importance of Proper technique and form so that they can fully understand the process behind the customisation of their Workouts and the importance of appreciating their body every step of the way.

    This leads to happy clients, pain free workouts and a nice sculpted 6 pack… inshallah 🙂

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