Exercise & Fitness For Kids In Abu Dhabi

Exercise & Fitness For Kids In Abu Dhabi

Exercise & Fitness For Children In Abu Dhabi

Like many places, Abu Dhabi suffers from a sedentary lifestyle and children are following this growing trend too. In today’s modern world kids are spending more and more time inside, being entertained with technology and the latest gadgets. This can have detrimental effects on their overall health both now and in the future. It’s never too early to teach your children that regular exercise and better diet choices can have an amazing effect on their lifestyles.

As a parent in Abu Dhabi there are things you can do to ensure your children get some needed extra-curricular exercise too. It doesn’t have to be difficult or involve military style drills, make it fun and your kids will enjoy it too. As well as providing everyday activities in Abu Dhabi to increase your kids health and fitness levels professional personal trainers in Abu Dhabi can help too. Many are experienced with working with children of all ages and all fitness levels whether for 1-2-1 training or as part of a group.

Some tips to get your kids active:

Play Time –

Most children enjoy being outdoors, riding a bike, playing a sport and such but the draw of the latest console game can be stronger. Completely restricting a child’s access to TV or gaming isn’t really going to work well. Instead, try to limit the amount of time your children spend indoors when they could be outdoors playing – even though they are children give and take does work.

Make It Fun –

Exercise isn’t disliked by all children, some kids in Abu Dhabi are more sporty than others. Some children though see exercise as a chore and as such they would much rather be doing something else. This is where fun comes in. Make exercise fun by doing things they enjoy and avoiding things they don’t enjoy. With children there is no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing an exercise method – even if it’s riding a bike or playing football they are still using their muscles and getting some elements of fitness into their everyday routine.

Change It Up –

Boredom, it affects us all but more often than not children have a ‘low’ boredom threshold which means it doesn’t take much for them to get bored and give up. This is why it’s a good idea to use different tactics and different exercise techniques. These can be changed weekly or even daily.

Group Sports –

Group sports like football, netball and others in Abu Dhabi are a great way to get your kids active and help then lead a healthier lifestyle through to adulthood. When playing group sports children get motivated by each other which helps to reduce boredom and keeps them focused.

Fitness Classes For Kids –

Fitness classes for kids in Abu Dhabi are a great way to entertain your children as well as teaching them the benefit of exercise. There are many after school fitness clubs who work with groups of children to provide beneficial, energetic and most of all fun activities. Yoga for kids and swimming classes are just an example.

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In The Kitchen –

Banning what is termed as ‘fast food’ or ‘junk food’ would be difficult. If children realise these food groups are more for  occasional  eating rather than mainstream this can help them enjoy a healthier diet. There’s no substitute for fresh, home cooked food but many Abu Dhabi parents are busy and have little time for preparing fresh meals everyday. When you do have time involve your kids in the making and cooking process and teach them the benefits of healthy, nutritious foods. As a parent, if your schedule is too busy and you need to eat take-out try to make the take-out a healthier, lower fat and lower sugar option.

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