Core Workouts In Abu Dhabi – It’s Not All About Your ABS

Core Workouts In Abu Dhabi – It’s Not All About Your ABS

Train Your Core – It’s Not Just About Your ABS

Core workouts are important. Not only to get that 6-pack look but also to provide strength and stability to your mid-section. Men and women throughout Abu Dhabi strive to get that ‘washboard’ look but as well as looking good a well exercised core will help you train other areas of your physique too.

What do we mean when we say working on the core?

The ‘core’ is the area of your body around your midsection – think of your abs, lower back and sides. This area of the body provides stability for all other areas. Core training generally refers to working out the core muscles, not just your ABS but your lower back and oblique’s too.

Why is it important to do core workouts?

Core workouts are important because it helps to increase your mid-section strength and also helps to provide stability. This in turn can help to reduce the risk of injury when training other areas of the body. It’s not just about doing sit-ups though, there are numerous other personal training techniques that can help provide you with a good overall core workout.

Many people in Abu Dhabi have a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at work all day and then sitting at home. This can lead to lower back and abdominal problems. Working on your core; if only as a part of your overall personal training program, can help with your posture and also reduce back pain too.

Working out your core muscles with abu dhabi personal trainers

What are the best exercises for the core?

When we think of the core and ‘ABS’ one of the first exercise techniques that come to mind are ‘sit-ups’. While sit-ups are good for the ABS some people have problem with doing sit-ups because it can lead to further back pain if too much stress is placed on the back too soon. A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with experience in core strengthening workouts can provide professional advice about what workout methods would be best for you.

Bernie, a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi uses the techniques below as her preferred core workout:

1 – Upper Abs (crunches, knee taps, extended arm crunches, half sit ups)

2– Lower Abs (leg raises, reverse crunches, criss-cross, dynamic bounces)

2– Full or Complete Abs (sit-ups, v-ups, alternate toe touches)

4– Plank variations (normal plank, extended arm, side plank, military)

5– Balance training (stork stance, single foot stance (change variations eyes open and closed, foot on unstable surface such as a balance disk or bosu ball)

Considerations when working on the core

When working out your core muscles remember it’s not all about your ABS, it’s not good to have a great set of ABS but still have back pain. Work on all your mid-section muscle groups to get strength in your core and then work on getting that 6-pack. A ‘washboard’ stomach isn’t going to happen overnight but with a good core workout routine in place you’ll be surprised how much stronger you feel.

Working Out Your Core In Abu Dhabi

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