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Using A Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi – The Benefits

What are the benefits of using the services of a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi?

Male or Female Personal trainers in Abu Dhabi are fitness coaching professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your physical training and exercise goals – read on to find out more.

Personal Trainers – They Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals In So Many Ways

In Abu Dhabi getting into shape can be a tough business especially if you are one of those people with a hectic schedule. Ultimately you have two choices, to do it on your own or hire a personal trainer near to you in Abu Dhabi. Exercising on your own can be a lonely affair that can get you frustrated easily – especially if you don’t see results. Many people who have gone through this can testify to how their motivation fluctuates and how they always find themselves going back to square one. A certified personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can be worth their weight in gold and is the best way to get yourself into shape if you are really committed to making a lifestyle change. They push you to follow instructions, help you to set goals, take part in exercise prescriptions, offer a nutritional guide, use their experience and knowledge of the human body and help you succeed.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

Male or Female Personal trainers in Abu Dhabi are fitness coaching professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your physical training and exercise goals. They know everything it takes for you to succeed and have the ability to implement a process specially designed for you. A personal trainer doesn’t just get you on your feet and push you to start exercising. They are equipped with the right knowledge to set up a strategic plan that will fit into your schedule so you can achieve the best results. They also take part in the personal training at home sessions in Abu Dhabi, showing you how things are done. They assess your performance, give you feedback, and help you keep going even when you’re losing motivation – it’s part of their job to ensure you are seeing results from your coaching sessions.



Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

People hire trainers for different reasons. If you are considering doing so, you have made a great decision. This move marks the beginning of your journey into a lifestyle of happiness, good health, and freedom.

Achieve your goals – Do you want to lose belly fat? Have you just delivered a baby and you can’t wait to drop the pregnancy fat and reclaim your attractive figure? A personal trainer helps you hone your focus on your fitness and lifestyle goals and achieve it with less effort. They understand your body more than you and know what part of your body to attack.

Proper exercise prescription – After setting your goals the next thing is to know how to achieve them. Your trainer will design a proper exercise prescription for you, based on your body composition, health issues, heart condition, and physical performance – this is accompanied by on-going monitoring of your progress and tweaking your personal training plan where required to ensure you continue to see results.

Higher workout intensity – It can be hard to push those dumbbells, carry those weights, or beat that press up limit all by yourself. Trainers know what your body needs to improve and they will stop at nothing to make sure you attain the desired workout intensity. A female personal trainer can help women achieve increase perceived exertion during exercise.

Motivation – Don’t deceive yourself, carrying heavy loads during physical training isn’t like sitting down on the couch and watching movies, with a bottle of soda and a bucket of popcorn. You need motivation and the right type for that matter, and the only one that can do that is a personal trainer. Proper motivation is enough to get you started, and when you get used to it, it will be with you for life.

Nutrition – Many Personal trainers in Abu Dhabi are expert nutritionists, they know what you should and what you shouldn’t eat. Diet remains one of the most significant issues, especially for people trying to lose weight. Eating the right food is essential for the adequate supply of energy and that will get your body going all the time.

Accountability – When you exercise at home in Abu Dhabi you are not accountable to anyone. But when you have a trainer, you are forced to subject yourself to him/her, if not for anything else but to justify the bills. The trainer will ensure that you don’t give excuses and that you stick with the program designed for you. Your success is good for their business, and they will do everything to make sure that you comply and succeed.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach in Abu Dhabi

There are many personal trainers out there, offering the same kind of services. So, before you hire anyone for your training at home, here are things you should consider.

  • Check their credentials. Make sure your trainer has all the certifications, licenses, and permits to work on your body.
  • Know how many years of experience they have. The more time they have spent doing this, the better for you.
  • Find reviews and references from independent sources. The best trainer is the one introduced to you and vouched for by someone you know. Such persons must have consumed the services of the trainer and can attest to their efficiency, integrity, and behavior.
  • Your personality matters in your physical training. Have a conversation with your trainer about what motivates you to ensure they will be able to deliver.
  • How much does the trainer cost? A recent study by the National Strength and Conditioning Association in the US shows that a personal trainer price on the average is $50 per hour with a range of about $15 to $100 for every hour of training. Check if you can afford this and add it to your expenditure.
  • Location is very important. Make up your mind on where the training will be taking place and prepare for it. Personal Trainers on the Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website are mobile. They can provide training at home, your building gym or even their own fitness studio if required.
  • Mention any special needs you might have. Your trainer must be aware of any particular medical condition or emotional stress you’re going through.


DIY vs Hiring a Professional Trainer in Abu Dhabi

Doing physical exercise at home will save you money and give you the freedom to do whatever you like, but in most cases, it only leads to frustration. When you hire a professional trainer, you become more accountable, but when you do it yourself, you don’t care if you missed a training day. This can make you lazy and frustrated, eventually.

Personal trainers offer services that help people achieve their training goals, lose weight, and live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Make sure you find a trainer that is certified, experienced, and qualified and has the mental, psychological, and emotional capacity to help you excel.

We hope this article helped. The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website is dedicated to helping you find the best male or female personal trainer local to you in Abu Dhabi. You can easily compare trainer costs, experience and reviews to help you make the right choice.


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Losing Weight & Building Muscle In Abu Dhabi – Is It Possible?

Losing Weight and Building Muscle In Abu Dhabi – The Basics

It might sound confusing – losing weight but gaining muscle in Abu Dhabi. But, with the right advice and the right techniques it is possible to lose weight (fat loss) at the same time as gaining muscle mass.

So what are the best ways to get good muscle gains and lose weight?

In Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE Some people want to lose weight while others want to build muscle. How about those who want to achieve both at the same time? Is it possible? A lot of people erroneously believe that once they start losing weight, the muscle automatically appears like a genie out of a lamp. No, it doesn’t. So, you need to make a conscious decision to build muscle if you want it. The secret to losing weight and building muscle at the same time is doing the right exercise, sleep, eating before you exercise, carrying the right weights, and eating enough protein. Of course you can do this on your own but using a male or female muscle building personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can provide you with all the information and training advice you need in order to succeed.

Positive Impact of Training to Build Building Muscle

Your body is a perfect machine that has all the ingredients to help you live a happy and healthy life. The way you treat it, however, matters a lot. Too much fat in your body and you’ll look awkward; feel weak, and less active. To enjoy all the benefits your body has to offer you need to build muscle while you lose weight. Muscle gain and maintenance will boost your body metabolism and give you more energy. Skeletal muscle can improve your posture and make you look more attractive too. There is no big secret in order to achieve this body change in Abu Dhabi.

When you become stronger through weight loss and muscle gain, everyday activities become more comfortable for you. Muscles also increase the number of insulin receptor sites in your body so that your body naturally minimizes the storage of fat and keep you lean. Muscle gain also impacts your mental health by boosting your confidence.

Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast

In Abu Dhabi many people who are trying to attain weight loss and gain muscle at the same time fail because of lack of knowledge. This is where using a specialist weight or fat loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can be worth their weight in gold. You can go it alone though but before you start your exercise regime in Abu Dhabi, you need to first understand your body and get all the information you need to be successful. Here are 5 ways to grow muscle fast.


body transformation personal trainers in all areas of abu dhabi - uae


  1. Avoid Cardio – This might sound strange at first. A little is good, too much and the only thing you’ll be doing is burning fat. Fat loss or getting rid of fat does not automatically help you build muscle. If it were so, marathon runners would have the biggest biceps. You need to engage in personal fitness training in Abu Dhabi that involves weight lifting which will challenge your body to pump those muscle out of your body, from where they are hiding.


  1. You Need To Eat Enough Calories – What! I want to lose weight and you are saying to eat more calories? Well, starving yourself for weight loss will eliminate fat and at the same time starve your body of calories required to build muscle. As you lose weight, make sure you continue to feed your body with enough calories, especially by consuming more protein, which is the fuel your body needs to build muscle. But make sure you don’t eat more calories than you’re burning.


  1. Lifting Just Any Weight won’t do it – Just lifting any type of weight won’t make you gain muscle. You should challenge yourself and lift heavier weights that will increase your capacity to build more muscle and improve. In addition to weight lifting, also get engaged with physical exercise that involves your entire body, like pull-ups, squats, and deadlifts. A general fitness personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can provide personalised fitness and workout plans specifically for this.


  1. Plan Your Workouts – Muscle building is serious business. Don’t fall victim of the doctrine of ‘longer workouts’ because it is not always better. Have a plan for the kind of exercise you want to do, how many sets you want to achieve in a day, and the rate at which you will improve or increase the number of sets. Lift weight before you do cardio.


  1. Drink Water – Drinking water will help you build more muscle as you lose weight. Water helps you maintain muscle pump, get more energy for exercise, prevent muscle breakdown, and promotes quick muscle recovery. You should drink at least 3.5 liters to 7 liters of water every day to feed your tasty muscle.


  1. Sleep – You may not notice it immediately, but sleep plays a critical role when you’re trying to lose weight and build muscle. Sleep helps your muscle to recover from tear. A good night’s sleep also reduces stress, improves your mood, and inspire you to workout harder as you have more energy.


Workouts to Help Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Male or female personal trainers in Abu Dhabi will tell you the same thing – Weight training for your chest, back, legs, shoulder straps, and arms is the best way to build muscle while you lose fat. Cardio too plays an important role, but you should only do it as part of your weightlifting program. Some of the best weight training routines include:

  • Chest and back – Hang snack, dumbbell bench press, and chin-up.
  • Shoulders, straps, and arms – barbell deadlift, incline dumbbell curl, and push press.
  • Legs – Split squat, Romanian deadlift, and clean.


Losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time is possible with the right approach. If you have access to useful information, work hard, and you’re committed, you will lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Remember to eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, and do your weight training in the Abu Dhabi.


We hope you find this article useful. The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website is here to provide you with the best resources about health and fitness. If you need a personal trainer or fitness coach in Abu Dhabi to help with weight loss and building muscle please see the links below.

Muscle gain personal trainers for male and female in Abu Dhabi

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Healthy Weight Loss Advice For Teenagers in Abu Dhabi

What Are The Best Weight Loss Methods For Children & Teenagers In Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi the continuing trend of weight related issues in children and teenagers is a worrying problem for many parents. However, with good advice and importantly the ‘right’ advice many teenagers will enjoy losing weight and living a much fitter lifestyle.

Helping your teenage child loss weight now will make them healthier in the future.

Healthy Weight Loss for Teens In Abu Dhabi


Teenage obesity has become a big issue in the world of today – including Abu Dhabi. Years back, before the advent of video games and more, kids played outside more with what seemed like boundless energy. Modern technology has taken over real childhood experience as teenagers now spend most of their time in front of the TV or with their mobile phones. As a parent in the Abu Dhabi if you feel your teenage child is overweight and you’re worried, and you want to help them, there are ways to go about it. Never ‘force’ a teenager to lose weight and as a parent always consider the emotional feelings of them.


What Causes Teenage Weight Gain in Abu Dhabi?

If you think the opposite sex and academics are the only thing bothering your teenage child, you are completely mistaken. Teenagers might not be adults yet, but they have their own minds, and situations can be very challenging for them too. Here are some of the things that may be causing your child’s weight gain.

Medication: Research shows that certain antipsychotic drugs may lead to unexpected weight gain in teenagers. So, if your teenage child is on medication, you might want to check first if that is where the problem is coming from.

Depression: While adults might be able to handle depression to a certain degree, teenagers can have more problems dealing with it. When teenagers are depressed, they tend to look for an escape, which can be by forming a bad eating habit, since food is always in the house.

Heredity: Recent research shows that inheritance affects weight gain among adolescents. In Dubai If one or both of the parents are overweight; there is likelihood that the child will also be obese. Sometimes, a child may also suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition where the body does not produce enough hormones, leading to a reduction in metabolic activities in the body.


Health Risks of Teenage Obesity

Weight gain can cause severe issues among teenagers, which can lead to:

  • Sleep apnea and other breathing problems
  • Accumulation of high cholesterols, which can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
  • Discomfort in the body, muscle, and joints
  • Gallstones, liver diseases, and heartburn
  • Obese adults, if care is not taken


Tips for teenage health and fitness in Abu Dhabi


Tips for Getting Teenagers to Lose Weight in Abu Dhabi

Teenagers might be a little heady, but you can get them to do great things if you know how to approach them. Parents sometimes make the mistake of treating their teenagers like little kids. Once you accept they are maturing, you will be able to talk to them like grown-ups and earn their trust.

Assess Your Teenager’s Health

Pay attention to your teenager and make a decision about their health. Study the way they eat, drink, and perform their daily activities. Have an idea of how they live their life to help you understand where to come in.

Have a Conversation

You teenager might be worried about their health as much as you are. Having a heart-to-heart moment will create a free and relaxing environment for you to have a robust conversation with them. Once you can establish a strong relationship, working with them to find a solution won’t be a problem anymore. Never shout, force, or command your teenager to submission, it won’t do any good in the long run.

Seek Professional Help

Personal training for teenagers is something you should look into and there are many male and female personal trainers in Abu Dhabi who excel at providing customized training plans for children and teenagers. Experts in teenage health and fitness know what teenagers need and are ready to help them achieve that goal. Hiring a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi will ensure that you have a solid plan which will include exercise routine, nutrition, lifestyle, and advice on foods to avoid.


Your teenager must be encouraged to take part in exercise before they can lose weight. Exercise will help them burn fat, get their body metabolism back into shape, eliminate tiredness, and pump up their energy. A simple teenage weight loss and exercise routine is enough to get them on their feet. Adding some sports activities are also popular such as football, tennis and also swimming. Team based sports are also a way to build confidence.

Outdoor Hobbies

If your teenager is seems a bit on the lazy size or is scared to initially take part in physical exercise, you could instead introduce them to an outdoor hobby like gardening, lawn mowing, cleaning, raking, or anything they will need to do regularly and will make them sweat.

Control Their Eating Habit

This is where you might want to get a little tough on them. No matter what you do, healthy eating for teenagers is one of the most important things you must insist on and the earlier you can start the better. So from now on, no more skipping meals, eating after 8pm, or consuming unhealthy or processed snacks. They will also have to drink a lot of water, eat low carb vegetables, and definitely avoid fast foods.

Samples Exercise Teens Would Love

Exercise for teenagers in Abu Dhabi should be fun and engaging. Some of the exercise routines you can introduce to them include:

  • Seat backs
  • Butterfly breath
  • Prisoner squats
  • Bench Dips
  • Donkey kick

Helping your teenage child loss weight now will make them healthier in the future. Start a conversation with them about it and encourage them to see the reason why they should do it without necessarily pushing them.

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website is here to help you find the perfect male or female personal local to you in Abu Dhabi. Many of the personal trainers on the website have the knowledge and training experience required to work with teenagers in the UAE.


Zumba and dance classes in Abu Dhabi with Rachel from Fit and Flex Studios

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Warming Up Before Exercise – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Warming Up – It’s More Important Than You Might Think

For many of us who aren’t active for extended period warming up before exercising is not something that should be considered optional. It should be something you do every time before your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi.

Reduce The Risk If Injury – Decrease The Onset Of Mucsle Fatique

Warming up before exercising – don’t skip it because it’s important

Warming up before exercising should be an integral part of your exercise regime. It’s not something you should just do occasionally but something you should do every time.

There are many ways to warm up. Some are total body warm ups whereas others are designed for warming up different muscles prior to working out those muscles.

A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can advise you on the best pre-workout warm up routines – you can then easily fit these into your workout schedule.

Why Is Warming Up Important Before Exercising In Abu Dhabi?

Exercise can be stressful on the body, even gentle forms of exercise are working out muscles that you might not necessarily use all the time – especially if you spend much of your day seated at work etc. Warming these muscles up with different gentle exercises help to reduce muscle stress and strain and also ensures you don’t suffer from injury during your workout.

Warming up and stretching can also help you perform better during your workout. If your muscles are properly prepared for your training session they will work more without feeling the muscle burn so soon.

What Types Of Warm Up Exercises Work Best?

There are many different ways you can prepare your body for your exercise session. For most people a general all over warm up/stretching routine works well. Rotations, star jumps, gentle chest expansions, leg stretches and more all work well. However, if you are training on a particular area of your body for a single session (your arms for example) then you need to ensure you pay special attention to giving that area a good warm up workout.

Gentle Yoga poses are also a good way to get some stretching into your warm up routine but even with yoga you still need to do some warm-ups to get the blood pumping through your muscles.

Remember – warm up exercises shouldn’t be optional, they should always be the starting point of your workout.

Working Out Your Core In Abu Dhabi

Article Submitted By: Andrew – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

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Useful Articles, Tips & How To’s – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers – For All Your Personal & Group Fitness Needs

The Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website aims to provide you with the latest and best information on all aspects of health and fitness through a wide range of articles, how to columns and useful tips.

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Ironman Training In Abu Dhabi

Ironman – That’s Next!

I first started training for triathlons back in 2001 where I thought I’d do a sprint triathlon, that being a 750m swim, 20km cycle and a 5km run. All the training went well, then race day came. Took it easy for the first race as I didn’t know what to expect. Ow WOW, what a race, the adrenaline of the swim, climbing on your bike for the cycle with a bike I borrowed from a friend and then having jelly legs for the run, with the crowd calling my name as I came close to the finish line. Ok so it wasn’t a crowd just my mom my biggest fan on the day . I finished the race in the top half of the field, which I was happy about. Once I had got, unpacked the gear, cleaned up, relaxed and spoke to my family about the event, telling them that this is the sport for me. The next day came and I started already looking for the next sprint triathlon, I was hooked.


As time went by I continued taking part in more triathlons and made more triathlete friends. Stepped up and started to do the Olympic distance (1.5km swim/40km cycle/10km run), (back then we called it a “standard triathlon”, it only got the name Olympic distance stuck to it from the 2004 Olympics), Half Ironman (1.9km/90km/21km) all the way to then Ultra distance Triathlons (3.2km/120km/32km). The longer the distance in the triathlon the fewer races there were. There was always talk of the big race that the tough triathletes did in Gordons Bay in the Cape area called Ironman. South Africa use to have an Ironman race in the late 90’s but that stopped cause of the lack of participation, “I think”.

In 2004 the news broke that Port Elizabeth in S.A had got the contract to host Ironman for 3 years, the first year being a half, the next two being full. If it was a success, South Africa could keep the brand name. The Half Ironman race was broadcast on the radio as soon as the Leaders crossed the finish line. In 2005 the full Ironman was on same thing, the results were broadcast on the radio. It was then that I decided I will do this race. Knowing that they would only take 1000 entries, I entered the race in August 2005. There was plenty of time to train as the race was in April, so I stayed with my normal training for the Olympic Distances.

Training Seriously For Ironman …

Ironman Training - Jason Wagner - Abu Dhabi Swimming Personal TrainerMe being a procrastinator January was here and It was time to start training seriously  for Ironman (Yes It was late for me to start). I heard my tough ironman friends were going on a training session, so I decided to go train with them. These are those triathletes that train hard and aim for a sub 10hour Ironman (The wrong people to train with for your first Ironman). It was a lovely Sunday morning 6am start for a 130km cycle followed by a 25km run. We started the cycle all joking around feeling good about the day and chatting what we needed to do, road in front of us clear few cars on the road was picturesque slight breeze on our backs nothing could go wrong this was going to be a great training day.

As the group of seventeen of us, road in single file, a meter between each cyclist, the group got quieter, the pace started to pick up, we were feeling good almost halfway, how easy is this, Ironman is going to be a breeze. We got half way and turned around to head back home. Reality hit me. Sense of humour gone. Legs gone. Head wind strong. The group was going, one or two every now and then would drop back and ask me how I’m feeling, of course I told them I’m feeling great, I think they knew I was lying as I was about 500m behind them. Somewhere along the cycle I managed to claw my way back to the group. It was all a blur can’t say when. We had 8km to go so I told the two that had drop back to stay with me so I could draft them, they could go I’ll see them on the run. As they cycled away from me and the closer we got to the end of the cycle my eyes started to water, this was hard.

I got back to where we had parked the cars, close to five hours after we had started from. All the other sixteen guys had started there run already. This was my break time. You read correct my break time, to break away and get out of there and go home, these guys are crazy did they expect me do a 25km run, no way in hell am I outing my running shoes on now. Don’t ask me where I got the energy from but I packed my bike on the back of my car, as fast as I could, climbed in and drove away, feeling relieved and in pain. Yes pain would I ever be able to climb on the bicycle seat again, the area down there was sore! I got unpacked the car sat in the lounge with my family and told them, Ironman was going to be a long day for me and them, as they were going to come down and support me.

21km Run On Saturday, 21km On Sunday….

Time went by I did pick up my training on the bike but nothing mote then 100km on the road and some indoor cycling classes (I knew the instructor it was me, that help). I didn’t forget my running did that religiously 60km a week. The one weekend even decided to run a 21km on the Saturday and a 21km on a Sunday, there you have it my first marathon done over two days. I was set for Ironman.

Time drew closer to Ironman week. We made our way down to the coast line of Port Elizabeth on the Thursday. Got to the hotel, booked in and decide to go explore the city I was going to race in on Sunday. Friday time to pick up your race bag that gives you all the information you need to know about the race, the do’s and the don’ts, and the bags needed for the race. We got back to the hotel, we saw this athlete who just came from a jog and was stretching outside in the street. I decided to walk over and start speaking to him as he was a foreign athlete, just to find out is this his first one, small talk, told him he must go out and enjoy the race and do his best.

Friday evening time to pack your bags for the race. If you don’t know (Like me) or haven’t heard the Saturday before the race, you have to take your bike and all the equipment you going to be using on the race, and hand it into transition the day before. You don’t realise how stressful that is, are you putting everything in the right bag. I’m sure I packed those bags at least five times, cause once the bags are in transition, you can only go back to them the day of the race to fix it.

Saturday the worst day ever. The day seems to go by so fast as you have to take your bags (helmet and all) and bike, and have to hand it in at transition. Everyone is in such a good mood, speaking about the sea and how rough it looks. Talking about that there is going to be no wind and a good day is expected for the race. This is the time you start walking through the race in your mind and walking the course, so on race day you go straight to your bike. Once that is done there is no going back. The rest of the day you get all the best of luck wishes from your family and friends. The transition area is full of athletes that are well conditioned, some really toned bodies and some not so toned. Spectators everywhere and just a festive atmosphere. That evening at about seven the streets become quite like a ghost town. The nerves are there to stay the night. I know I climbed into bed about 20.30 I’m sure only fell asleep at 22:00.

Race Day….

Alarms go of at 4am your day has officially started. The breakfast tables are quite. Everyone focusing, taking in that last bit of nutrition it’s time to go.

As you get to transition and hand in your special needs bags(food and drinks you have prepared for you for the day). Get into transition, check that your bike tyres haven’t burst from yesterday’s afternoon sun, go look to see if your transition bags are there and check them again. Go to your family to say your goodbyes for the day. The count from the announcer starts. 20min to the close of transition. 10min to the close of transition. Transition is closed. You put your tri-wetsuit on, zip up and start walking to the start of the race on the beach.

Ironman Training In Abu Dhabi - CyclingYou in the start area where you stand at your predictive time for the swim. African drums playing loudly behind you. Every athlete is still. You start to think of the day in front of you. You see the sea how still that is. Things are looking up yesterday that was rough. Flags are not moving on the flag pole. Time for the race to get started.

The cannon goes, and so do the athletes. You are in the sea with the other 999 athletes fighting your way through the waves and through the athletes. Turn around the first buoy and on to the rest of the swim. The 3.8km swim then was a two lap course, first lap the sea was calm. As you make your way out of the sea onto the beach and through the tunnel of spectators, you think to yourself I’m here and sense of peace falls over you as you start the second lap of the swim.

Swim is done time for the transition and the cycle. You get your wetsuit off. Helmet on, sunscreen on, extra food shoved in the back pockets of your top. Of you go, stage two.

Cycle 180km….

Cycle 180km, not allowing any outside help, no drafting(slipstreaming), no music on a 3x60km course, sounds long and hard, IT IS. O my Word, the first lap, loooovely, the rain we had helped you not think about the other 170km you might need to cycle in the rain, the fact that the wind had started to pick up, so 40km of the 60km loop was a head wind. Second lap, we were lucky the rain had stopped by then but the wind got stronger. Third lap, wind was strong, legs were tired, by this time I was fixing my third puncture while sitting on the floor wanting this cycle to end. No matter what I was going to finish this cycle all I wanted to be was of this bike. I thought my behind was sore on the 130km cycle, nothing compared to this. I was standing and cycling to help my bottom out. But the thing I was amazed at was the crowd. The  support was amazing, your hair stood on end every time you cycled pass them.

Cycle was done time for the transition and the 42km run. Cycling apparel off running shoes on, no need for sunscreen, it’s going to be dark in 3 hours’ time.

You start running, the nice thing you don’t need to worry about the wind anymore as that has stopped and so have your legs. You want to get back on that bike and cycle the last 42km, but you can’t, so run and walk you have too. Walk you say, yes lots of it, anything just to get you to the end of the race. it’s the last discipline. All going well in the run. Water, other juices and some oranges every 2km nothing to complain about. Every now and then you get a reminder you are doing Ironman as a cramp will give you a surprise. This is normally the time of the race you can’t think straight, so when someone reads your name on your race number it takes you 3min to work out that you don’t really know that person as they just read your name on your number, that’s what make the crowd support so amazing. Your legs are tired but you keep on moving forward no matter how fast or slow you are going. As you get closer to the end, energy comes from nowhere and you start to run at 4min per kilometre (or you think you are, you actually running at 6min per kilometre).

The Red Carpet….

You get to the red carpet and you know you have done it you have made it to the end. As you cross the finish line the announcer calls out “you are an ironman”. The biggest smile across your face and your eyes just might have a tear or two. Inside you are celebrating like a mad man, but your body is fatigued. You keep on moving until they put that medal around your neck. You then take yourself to the massage tent, the food tent, the finishers t-shirt tent. You meet up with other Ironmen and trade war stories about the day and finally wants you have contemplated what you have just accomplished you leave the athletes area, go pick up your bike and go see the family and go back home to shower and sleep.

If you have done an Ironman you know it doesn’t end there. The day after the event, when you can’t walk properly, and you want to cry at the sight of a flight of stairs. You walk around proudly wearing your finishes t-shirt some athletes still wearing their medals around the neck, knowing you did it. You think back tell the family everything that happened, some parts of the race you remember some you don’t (I know can’t remember sunset).  At the awards dinner you have recovered and are walking normal again.

Ironman Training In Abu Dhabi - Jason Wagner Race DayOut of all the Ironman that I have done my first Ironman has been my worst race time wise but my best race with achievements. I was lucky enough to finish my second Ironman with a good friend of mine. All seven Ironman has taught how strong one’s mind is and how much your body can take a lot.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is your family and friends that support you, as you train and on the day of the race, they help you get through. They wake up at the same time as you in the morning stand and cheer you till the end and all the get is a happy athlete, a big hug and a thank.

O yes that advice I gave to that foreign athlete to have fun, enjoy and do his best, found out later that he was one of the professional athletes taking part and He finished in the top twenty.

I Am AN Ironman.

Personal Trainer & Swimming Coach In Abu Dhabi - Jason Wagner

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Core Workouts In Abu Dhabi – It’s Not All About Your ABS

Train Your Core – It’s Not Just About Your ABS

Core workouts are important. Not only to get that 6-pack look but also to provide strength and stability to your mid-section. Men and women throughout Abu Dhabi strive to get that ‘washboard’ look but as well as looking good a well exercised core will help you train other areas of your physique too.

What do we mean when we say working on the core?

The ‘core’ is the area of your body around your midsection – think of your abs, lower back and sides. This area of the body provides stability for all other areas. Core training generally refers to working out the core muscles, not just your ABS but your lower back and oblique’s too.

Why is it important to do core workouts?

Core workouts are important because it helps to increase your mid-section strength and also helps to provide stability. This in turn can help to reduce the risk of injury when training other areas of the body. It’s not just about doing sit-ups though, there are numerous other personal training techniques that can help provide you with a good overall core workout.

Many people in Abu Dhabi have a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at work all day and then sitting at home. This can lead to lower back and abdominal problems. Working on your core; if only as a part of your overall personal training program, can help with your posture and also reduce back pain too.

Working out your core muscles with abu dhabi personal trainers

What are the best exercises for the core?

When we think of the core and ‘ABS’ one of the first exercise techniques that come to mind are ‘sit-ups’. While sit-ups are good for the ABS some people have problem with doing sit-ups because it can lead to further back pain if too much stress is placed on the back too soon. A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with experience in core strengthening workouts can provide professional advice about what workout methods would be best for you.

Bernie, a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi uses the techniques below as her preferred core workout:

1 – Upper Abs (crunches, knee taps, extended arm crunches, half sit ups)

2– Lower Abs (leg raises, reverse crunches, criss-cross, dynamic bounces)

2– Full or Complete Abs (sit-ups, v-ups, alternate toe touches)

4– Plank variations (normal plank, extended arm, side plank, military)

5– Balance training (stork stance, single foot stance (change variations eyes open and closed, foot on unstable surface such as a balance disk or bosu ball)

Considerations when working on the core

When working out your core muscles remember it’s not all about your ABS, it’s not good to have a great set of ABS but still have back pain. Work on all your mid-section muscle groups to get strength in your core and then work on getting that 6-pack. A ‘washboard’ stomach isn’t going to happen overnight but with a good core workout routine in place you’ll be surprised how much stronger you feel.

Working Out Your Core In Abu Dhabi

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