Cardio Boxing Classes In Abu Dhabi On Monday - Personal Trainer Boxing

This Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer led fitness class is great to give your body an all-over workout. Cardio boxing is fast paced and fun and will help you burn calories.

Boxing Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi
  • Time & Day: 18:00 – 19:00 Mondays
  • Location: Abu Dhabi Golf Club
Cardio Boxing Classes In Abu Dhabi - Overview:

Ever dreamt of feeling like Rocky …. Well now’s your chance. Join this active class and learn basic shadow boxing techniques while torching calories in a fun and energetic aerobics class. This gives you an incredible opportunity to build confidence, learn a new martial art and discipline but to have a great laugh at the same time whilst pushing yourself to the limit. Ranging from high intensity circuits to gruelling rounds of pad work, this class invites all ages and levels of boxing experience.

We’re continuously looking to bring the best out in each other and as a group we ensure that we are always improving on a weekly basis.

Contact & Questions:

For further information on cardio boxing classes in Abu Dhabi please complete the form below and the personal trainer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Personal Trainer For Boxing & Miltary Fitness In Abu Dhabi - Ben Flinn

Abu Dhabi Boxing Personal Trainer Ben Flinn

Personal fitness expert Ben is qualified to work as a personal trainer for both adults and children in Abu Dhabi. He specialises in a wide range of exercise and fitness techniques and has more than 6 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.
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