Abu Dhabi Female Fitness – Body Toning Without Bulk Gains

Abu Dhabi Female Fitness – Body Toning Without Bulk Gains

Body Toning In Abu Dhabi – Without Bulking Up

Can body toning lead to too much muscle definition? Some women are concerned that by training too hard they will become too bulky but is this really the case?

We asked a professional female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for her thoughts on how you can tone your body without becoming too muscular and defined.

  • Many women in Abu Dhabi hire a personal trainer with the aim of reducing fat and toning their body. However, there still seems to be concern that working out too much to tone muscles will also mean getting too bulky. While increasing muscle mass is the aim of many others would prefer to tone without bulking up. As a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who specializes in female fitness what are your top 10 tips when it comes to workouts and diet to help with body toning ‘without’ becoming too bulky.

    “Getting bulky” is often argued by trainers that it is not easy to get in the first place, hence, many women in Abu Dhabi need not worry at all. However, “bulkiness” is a matter of your own perception of the perfect body image. “Bulky body” is pictured differently from person to person.


    Thus, if “getting bulky” means growing muscle mass as a result of your training plan, then you should certainly avoid quite a few things in your workout routine and your diet.

    Simply, you don’t do what other people do to “get bulky”, or “build muscles” in other words. What helps us to build muscles and what should you avoid in the first place:

    – Heavyweight Lifting. Does it mean you should avoid resistance workouts? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Resistance workout is a must at least twice a week in your training plan in Abu Dhabi. It helps you to improve basal metabolic rate, boost your metabolism, improve your strength, therefore, lose weight and get in shape faster. I would incorporate more muscles in the same exercise to make sure that you still get your resistance done without overloading one muscle group.

    – Muscle Groups Split Training. One day – biceps, another day – triceps: this is definitely NOT for you. You can create certain splits for yourself, for example, “blessed” legs day can take one or two days in your weekly roster. But most of the time I would go for full body workout.

    – Staying Away From Cardio. Cardio and concurrent training are your best friends. Give a go-to circuit training, HIIT, boxercise, cycling, jogging, aerobics classes.

    – Increasing Carbs Load in your diet. Watch your food. Staying lean and toned is 80% task for your meal plan. Your portions size, calories intake and balance between macronutrients should be watched at all the time.


    Now, my favorite 10 exercise that you would love to incorporate to your workout if you want to stay lean and do not get bulky:

  • Burpee

    Burpees is a great example of an exercise that includes all major muscle groups at once. The basic burpee performed in five steps:

    – start with standing position

    – get down into a squat with your hands on the floor

    – kick back into plank position (on that stage push-up can be added)

    – return with a quick jump into squat position

    – jump-up for the initial position.

  • Rope Jumps

    Skipping rope is a great piece of equipment that doesn’t cost much but is a great benefit when it comes to your cardiovascular capacity and muscles toning without getting bulky. Begin your workout with rope jumps to give it a good boost or include it between exercises to get great intensive interval training.

  • Jumping Squats

    It is a very recommended exercise if you intend to tone your legs. However, before you go for it, please make sure that you perfectly familiar with the correct technique of classic squats. For the beginning, I would suggest getting a TRX as an additional help to keep the balance during your jumps. Please pay attention: you should refrain from jumping squats if you have knee pain or rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Weighted Russian Twist

    Russian twist with some extra weight is an effective way to tone your core in. Go to sit-up position on the floor. For the beginning, you can leave your feet on the ground, but after you feel you get better with it, raise them slightly up. Your core is tight at all the time and your back is straight and 45 degrees off the ground. Get a medicine ball, kettlebell or dumbbell, keep it tight with both arms and rotate it with twisting motion from one side to another. Keep control over your breathing technique. Ask a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi if you need some advice, guidance or demonstration with this of any of these exercise techniques.

  • Plank Variations

    The might PLANK is a full body exercise and its variation will help you to get a nice and tight core. Start with a classic high plank. Make sure you have someone (PT or training friend) to correct you as the technique is crucial in this exercise. If you are doing it wrong, you can injure your back or over-stress your hips flexors. Begin by holding into a plank position for at least 20 seconds, improve it until you reach 1-minute duration. From this point, you are ready to go for plank variations and become a plank-pro. Plank with shoulder touches, rocking plank, side plank, reverse plank, knee-to-inside or knee-to-outside plank, TRX plank and many others. Keep exploring and trying new things to remain focused.

  • Pushups

    There are different variations of push-ups that will help you to keep your upper body lean and workout your torso at the same time. If you can’t do the classic push-up but you are eager to implement push-ups into your workout routine, then start with practicing knee push-ups.

  • Curtsy Lunges

    Lunges is an amazing exercise for your legs. Many people are concerned about the outcome of performing lunges on their knees. However, with proper technique and training guidance lunges don’t carry any more risk than squats. Curtsy lunges are different from classic lunges by the cross-body movement: instead of just taking the step back, you make this step diagonally back to the side. Your torso kept straight and shouldn’t be twisted. First time, it is better to perform this exercise in front of the mirror to make sure you get your technique just right.

  • Jumping Lunges

    This exercise can be done only if you are strongly familiar with classic lunges and perform them really well. Use it as a very effective element of your interval training or as a good finisher for your legs’ day. Besides, jumping lunges help build strength for your legs and core that makes you improve the intensity of your workouts accordingly.

  • TRX Low Row

    TRX workout is a great way to exercise without getting bulky, improving your strength, balance, and tone your body at the same time. TRX low-row improving your posture, tone your back, core, and arms. Grab the TRX handles with your palms facing each other. Step front and lean your body down. Pull yourself up with your elbows holding close to the body. Return to the initial position. Keep your back straight while performing the movement. If you need support and advice for TRX training in Abu Dhabi then a personal trainer can help.

  • Mountain Climber

    The mountain climber is a perfect cardiovascular exercise to be added to your HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or circuit training regime. Additionally, it works out your full body at the same time. It is easy to perform: get into high-plank position; lift your foot and bend your knee forwarding to your chest; change foot; repeat the movement. Start with 20 seconds and increase the time together with your strength.

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